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Thanks so much for visiting our website and considering being a part of our practice.

As a New Patient we suggest you go to Our Policies submenu under the About Tab. You will have an understanding that we take our job seriously.

What you should know:

  • When you book your first visit, be aware that it will take extra 15 minutes to fill out privacy consent and medical form. It may take longer if you have a complicated medical health history.
  • Give yourself enough time to make sure you arrive on time. We have someone else booked after you. We book patients by appointment only, so we strive to make sure everyone gets treated on time.
  • Give us as much notice as possible if you run late or you need to reschedule. Please, refer to our cancellation/rescheduling policy.
  • Please, make sure you bring with you medication list; the names and phone numbers for your physician and or specialist you are seeing.
  • Please, let us know if you have a dental insurance. We will be happy to send the claim on your behalf.
  • Please, be aware that the responsibility for payment is yours on the day of the treatment. If you require an extensive work, we will work a payment plan for you before we start treatment.
  • Please, note that we charge the current schedule fee guide that we receive every year. We do not charge over the set up fees on the fee guide. The fees are set by the Ontario Dental Hygiene Association.
  • The fee guide at the dental hygiene clinic for preventive dental hygiene services is lower than the dentist’s hygiene fees.
  • Please, note that there is no fixed fee for cleanings. Every case is different; we cannot quote you exactly. You can book a free no obligation consultation where we will be able to assess your teeth and gums and tell you how much it will cost. We can only give an estimate based on ½ an hour; ¾ of an hour and so on. Everybody needs a different amount of time being worked on, therefore, the prices vary.

For more information please send us an email: tania@pearlywhitesmiles.ca

or call us at 416.273.3626!

Cannot wait to meet you in person!